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Playground Markings

Are you maximising the full potential of your playgrounds?

Here at Just Markings we know how important it is to make your playground, fun, colourful, educational whilst being safe, and here are a just a few of our most popular ideas:

Health and Fitness

Just Markings know the vision of the country is to become more active and healthy and we offer numerous activity trails, sports courts and action games such as “What Time is it Mr. Wolf?” We make fitness fun with our wide variety of themed Hopscotches and Target games.


Take your students on a playground markings trip to the solar system via your rocket hopscotch!

Circumnavigate the map of the world using your very own earth compass.

Get a hands on experience to time with our human sun clock. You can download your very own set of plans right here

Road Safety

Not only can roadway markings be fun to zoom around but also to be aware and understand road safety. With them being in a controlled environment they are becoming increasingly popular with schools all around the UK.

Bespoke Designs

A fun way to get children involved in creating their ultimate play area is to get their designs and ideas together as class projects or collectively as a school.

Why use Thermoplastics?

• Environmentally friendly
• 3 Year Guarantee*
• Non Skid

• Non Skid
• Fully reflective and complies with BSEN 1436

• Can be used within 30 minutes of application
• Available in 14 standard colours
• Up to 8 times more durable than painted line marking

Why use us?

•We have over ten years of experience working with and installing Thermoplastics, in Schools and Council Parks.

•And the fitters are DBS checked, and have been fully trained in health and safety with CSCS approval

•We work closely with all of our clients to ensure we reach their goals during the design whole process.

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